Professional Dog Training

Professional Dog Training
Evan Snyder & Beth Kronick

“All The Way K9 Training”

Every so often your new puppy, adolescent or a adult Golden from us may
require some obedience training or behavior correction

Here at Goldenrod Kennels I had solicited Evan & Beth’s help with some our younger and
adolescent dogs since we do have a fair number of them. And still continue to do so.
I was very happy with the results they had achieved with them from the basics to
stopping them from jumping on me to simply leash breaking. Because of this I have decided
to promote their services to our families. I’ve posted a picture of their brochure below
should you feel the need of their services. I think that you’ll be impressed.
They are located in Murrysville Pa and service all of Western PA.

Please let them know, if you do contact them, that I had referred them.
Thanks, Norm